More From The Green Deal

It’s been about six weeks since we first talked about the Green Deal here on Home Improvements Blog, and wanted to give you a bit of an update, thanks to some information we got from one of our readers. Last time, we were talking about solar panels and how they can help to reduce your bills. The Green Deal provides one way of doing that without all the expense associated with getting them installed on your roof (although you often need to part-pay for them up front).

We had an email from Tony from Derby telling us that there’s a lot more to know about the Green Deal, which we didn’t make perfectly clear last time. For example, some of the more popular types of work completed with funding under this plan is to get a replacement boiler or insulation in your wall cavities or loft space.

What’s more, many companies are charging for the bookings in the Derby area under the Green Deal, as you need to arrange an assessment to see if you qualify, but there are a number of companies who waive this fee so that it’s truly available with no up front cost. As an example, you can book a Green Deal assessment with Derby Green Deal, provided you are happy to answer a few questions over the phone about your property first.

So, there’s the extra info you need to take advantage – before you go back to watching Dexter on your wall mounted TV!


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